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For Your Information - March 26th - Liberty County Housing Authority

On For Your Information this week, my guests are Debra McGinnis and Josephine Perry, Executive Director and Chairperson of the Board, respectively, for the Liberty County Housing Authority (LCHA), who talked to listeners concerning how the LCHA operate to secure housing for those in need in Cleveland and Liberty County. They explained the difference between the LCHA and Liberty County Housing Assistance which operates an apartment complex in both Cleveland and Dayton. While that group can only provide places to live within their respective apartment complexes, LCHA provides homes in wide-ranging sizes, types, and styles anywhere in the county as long as the properties pass Federal Housing Authority guidelines. McGinnis said the LCHA is always looking for more eligible property, and asked landlords to submit their names, and housing, to LCHA to qualify for acceptance in the program. They went on to explain how individuals and families received help with housing through LCHA.

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For Your Information - March 19th - Houston Family to Family Network

Guests were Judy Blake, and Executive Director Mary Jane Williams with Houston Family to Family Network. We talked about the needs and services available for families of children with disabilities. Houston Family to Family Network helps by providing IEP parent support in Houston with education & training events on the special education process, developmental disabilities diagnosis information, and referral to community resources

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For Your Information - March 19th MD Anderson’s annual SCOPE 5k

Guest was Dr. Cathy Eng, professor of Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology and one of the founders of MD Anderson’s annual SCOPE 5k (Sprint for Colorectal Oncology Prevention and Education). (https://www.mdanderson.org/donors-volunteers/other-ways-to-help/attend-events/scope-run-for-colorectal-cancer.html) We talked about Colorectal Cancer, including prevention, detection, treatment and research. We talked about how screening and early diagnosis improves survivability.

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For Your Information - Feb 26th - Child Advocates

Guests were Kelly St. Mary from the Houston Children’s Festival and Ashley Brockette from Child Advocates. We talked about Child Advocates, a group that helps break the cycle of child abuse by recruiting, training and supporting advocate volunteers that are assigned to CPS and foster kids in the court system. We talked about how advocates work with caseworkers, parents, teachers and doctors, and attorneys, to make recommendations in court regarding the permanent placement of the child. The Houston Children’s Festival has raised over $5.4 million dollars to assist Child Advocates.

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For Your Information - March 12th - Cleveland Livestock Show and Dairy Day

On For Your Information this week, my guest is Calvin Nelson, member of the Executive Committee for the Cleveland Rodeo in conjunction with the Cleveland Livestock Show and Dairy Day, who provided listeners with information concerning the Greater Cleveland Area’s premier Vocational and Agriculture youth event and Professional Rodeo. He explained the Rodeo events begin March 30 with the Working Rodeo, which features local working cowboys in events used on modern ranches with the Pro Rodeo Friday and Saturday nights. In addition to the well-known pro rodeo events, there will be Mutton Bustin’ with youth riding sheep and a calf scramble for the older young people. The title Dairy Day is a holdover from pre-Depression days when the area was covered with diaries and the premier livestock were different breeds of dairy cattle. Today’s show features steers, heifer (market and breeding), and breeder cattle, along with market broilers, lambs (market and breeding), goats and swine all raised by young people in the community with sale proceeds going to the children who raised the animals and college scholarships.

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For Your Information - March 12th - MD Anderson Cancer Center

Guests were Dr. Mara Antonoff, and Dr. Myrna Godoy, with MD Anderson Cancer Center. We talked about prevention, detection and the treatment of Lung Cancer. We talked about the breakthroughs in treatment in the last 4 years thanks to research, and a new cancer screening clinical trial for smokers at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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For Your Information - March 12th - Chance for Hope

Guests were Andrea and Scott Davidson with Chance for Hope. We talked about their son Chance, who died from brain cancer at the age of 12, and the charity they began in his name that helps families with pediatric cancer. We talked about how their experience led them to find ways to help families with housing, food, transportation during treatment. We also talked about educating people about brain cancer, and raising fund for research.

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For Your Information - Feb 26th - Ralph Fuller, Justice of the Peace (JP) Liberty County Pct.6

My guest this week on For Your Information is Ralph Fuller, Justice of the Peace (JP) Liberty County Pct.6, who explained to listeners: how he became a JP; an overview of what the job entails; what law enforcement he works with in criminal and civil matters; the size of Pct.6 and where it is located; and in some detail what these things entail. Fuller said he was first appointed to fill a retiring JP’s unfinished term and then ran and was elected to the position. The Judge communicated his was a full-time job but the hours were unusual in that he is on-call 24 hours per day, every day. In Liberty County, he said, the JPs are the coroners and must officiate over every death to determine manner and cause of death. He told listeners JPs also handle civil court cases such as law suits up to $10,000.00 and such things as evictions. Fuller told us all tickets written outside the municipal area are adjudicated through his court, as well as he can, and does, issue warrants to be used in the county for any law enforcement agency.

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For Your Information - Feb 19th - Liberty County Agricultural Extension Agent

On For Your Information this week, my guest is Roy Flora, Cleveland, Liberty County Agricultural Extension Agent (EA), who told listeners Liberty County has four EA’s , his main field being agriculture (ag) and livestock with the others covering such things as : items covered by home economics ; 4H and FFA ; and under-served sections of the population. He explained much commercial ag in the Greater Cleveland area involves hay, rice, and grain farming, and he helps local commercial farmers with land management and advanced product selection. Flora said most people with concerns of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) don’t realize humans have been doing this for thousands of years by selecting, then crossing with another strain of the same organisms, to produce a GMS. He explained cattle with red bodies and white faces, dogs like poodles or chiwawas, pigs with black bodies and a white belts, all are GMOs.

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For Your Information - Feb 12th - Ignite

Guests were Natalia Hazelwood and Lizzie Robbins with Ignite, an organization that inspires girls and young women to follow their political aspirations. We talked about the lack of representation of women in politics and public survive. We talked about how to talk to pre-teens and teens about politics, and how Ignite classes and groups in high school and college are helping build a pipeline of next generation leaders.

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For Your Information - Feb 12th - Galveston Island Convention and Visitors Bureau

Guest was Leah Gast with Galveston Island Convention and Visitors Bureau. We talked about events, security and economic impact of the upcoming Mardi Gras Celebration. We talked about the new State funded Beach Nourishment project, new Bryan Museum, and Moody Gardens Aquarium renovation.

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For Your Information - Feb 19th - Deveraux Texas

Guests were Joni Robertson, Director of Development at Deveraux Texas And Chanica Brown, Foster Care Program Manager. We talked about Devereux Texas, and its commitment to treating children, young adults and adults, with emotional/behavioral disorders, and mental health issues. We talked about the residential and educational programs, as well as foster care services for children birth to 18, as well as recruitment and training of foster families.

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For Your Information Feb 19th - Houston Community College Associate Vice Chancellor of Instructional Services

Guest was Houston Community College Associate Vice Chancellor of Instructional Services Dr. Catherine O’Brien. We talked about the Adult Continuing Education partnership with The Accelerate Texas program. The program focuses on the challenges facing adult continuing education students, and ways to improve learner success, completion, and employability.

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For Your Information - Feb 12th - Liberty County Attorney

On For Your Information this week, my guest is Matthew Poston, Liberty County Attorney, who told listeners brief biographical information; as well as the duties and responsibilities of the county attorney in Liberty County of which Cleveland is a part. He explained how he first became county attorney, being appointed and approved by the county judge and commissioner’s court in September of 2016, and then running for the position in this past election cycle. In going over his duties Poston explained much of his job consists of providing all county officials with answers to questions concerning legal guidelines, much like a state attorney general does for state officials. He and his staff can spend days researching a particular legal question, then writing an option for county officials such as county judge or a commissioner. Poston also attends Commissioners Court hearings should his services be needed. The County Attorney also explained to listeners that he serves as the prosecutor for Class B and C Misdemeanors such as littering, traffic tickets, first time DUI, family violence in the County Court at Law Court.

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For Your Information - Feb 5th - Ron Saikowski, President of the Rotary Club of Conroe

On For Your Information this week, my guest is Ron Saikowski, President of the Rotary Club of Conroe (RCOC), who told listeners about Rotary and the many projects and activities in which his organization is involved. He explained about “My First Box”, an interactive journal/book given to First Grade students who, as they learn to read and write, complete stories in the book by writing in names and events from their own lives. It’s designed for the student to use it though their entire time in school. Saikowski told of RCOC’s efforts to help eradicate polio overseas by providing an oral serum that vaccinates the person to the disease in places like Pakistan, India, parts of Africa. He talked about many other Rotary projects, especially a program that helps get potable water to places where individuals travel 10 miles and more daily to retrieve good water.

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For Your Information - Jan 29th - The Women’s Resource

Guests were Rebecca Loftis, Program Coordinator and Christine Powell, Executive Director with The Women’s Resource. We talked about the lack of basic financial literacy in women. We talked about why women find themselves without skills to budget, save, invest, bank and get credit, and the financial life skills classes available through the Women’s Resource. We also talked about early intervention in teaching financial life skills to high school age girls through the RISE program can prevent them from making financial mistakes, and prepare for the future.

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For Your Information - Jan 22nd 2017 - Robert Garner Firefighter Garner Foundation

Guests were Quincy Wade, Houston Firefighter and president of the Robert Garner Firefighter Garner Foundation Sr. Captain Ruy Lozano, Houston Fire Department. Robert Garner was a Houston Firefighter who lost his life with three other firefighters in the South West Inn Fire on May 31, 2013.The Robert Garner Firefighter Foundation was established to continue Robert’s dream of being a firefighter and to provide scholarships that will allow future firefighters to attend local fire academies. We talked about the way firefighting has changed because of changing construction practices and flammable materials inside homes and businesses. We talked about new technology being used, and how the foundation helps mentor young people who want to be firefighters, helps train would be firefighters, as well as enhance training for established firefighters.

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For Your Information - Dec 18th - Poverty in Houston

Guests were Mike Sullivan Director, Healthy Communities CHI St. Luke’s Health, and Matt Johns Director, Mission Integration Programs Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. We talked about poverty in Houston, and the upcoming poverty summit in Houston. We talked abbot the disparity in Houston between the wealthy and the poor. We talked about who is poor, the causes of poverty, and the needs of the poor, and the resources available to help people escape poverty. We talked about how poverty is bad for everyone in a community, about how the poor cannot contribute economically, and how without education and resources, the poor do not have hope.

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For Your Information - Dec 18th Phillip Butcher, Director of Transfer Admissions and Veteran Services at the University of St Thomas

Guest was Phil Butcher Phillip Butcher, Director of Transfer Admissions and Veteran Services at the University of St Thomas in Houston. We talked about the rise in adults returning to get degrees, and the University of St Thomas Adult Degree Completion Program, and Veterans Services. We talked about the kind of financial aid available as well as the commitment to finish a degree as an adult. We talked about the degrees available, financial and professional benefits, and the program success in helping students gain employment.

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For Your Information - Jan 1st Sally Copley, Executive Director for the Heritage Museum of Montgomery County

On For Your Information this week, my guest is Sally Copley, Executive Director for the Heritage Museum of Montgomery County, located in Conroe, who told listeners about the history of East Texas, especially the area now known as Conroe, and Montgomery County starting millions of years ago all the way to modern days. She explained about the museum and many of its artifacts including the exhibit that references local geology; the sketch used to design the Republic of Texas flag which became the state flag; law enforcement in the wild west days in Montgomery County; oil-field related equipment from the days after Spindle Top; and many other displays that relates to the history of this part of Texas.

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